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Coolmax is the original performance fabric that's been helping top athletes push harder and longer but is now being discovered for the cool comfort it brings to everyday apparel. Coolmax has proven physiological benefits that, depending on people need, can be applied to or found in a whole new range of clothing styles - from moderate and high-intensity performance apparel to everyday casual wear. So consumers get the level of performance they need to stay cool and comfortable in any situation.

Consumers looking for casual, comfortable garments will be happy with the way Coolmax keeps them cool and confident. The soft, lightweight and breathable fabric gives clothes a natural feel, with an added touch of performance that keeps them comfortable. Consumers who demand enhanced performance from their apparel for their active lifestyles will find that Coolmax keeps them cooler than other fabrics. Coolmax moves perspiration away from the body to the fabric's outer surface, where it can evaporate quickly. This thermoregulatory effect helps consumers stay drier and more comfortable.

Extreme athletes know what to look for in a performance fabric and expect nothing less than the best, which is why they value the physiological benefits Coolmax provides. CoolmaxR has proven to reduce skin temperature, lower heart rates during exercise and maintain hydration, while offering excellent moisture management properties.


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