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Yarn spinners who work with DOW XLA* fiber will appreciate that the fiber can be core-spun using traditional processes (9.5 to 60 Ne). The fiber possesses two key features, proven by independent laboratory tests: heat resistance up to and greater than 220¢XC, and resistance to harsh chemicals. This means that the fiber can withstand most severe dyeing, bleaching, mercerizing, and garment washing conditions without loss of stretch performance. Additionally, DOW XLA fiber enables cone-dyeing of elastic yarns without the need for special cone designs.

The crystalline network is reversible and hence will re-form upon cooling to ambient temperature.DOW XLA fiber exhibits excellent resistance to degradation from exposure to process chemicals as well as ultraviolet (UV) and Xenon light, enabling optimal processing methods in preparation, dyeing, and finishing operations. Due to its chemical nature as a polyolefin, DOW XLA fiber is not degraded by hypochlorite, permanganate, finishing resins, strong acids or alkali. DOW XLA fiber can withstand exposure to temperatures of up to 220¢XC (450¢XF). This allows greater process capabilities and efficiencies. High temperature processes like singeing and thermosol dyeing cause no fiber degradation.


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