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Outlast are in a hydrophilic compound applied as a matrix pattern coating to a base fabric, and are concentrated where they are most effective---at the surface of the fabric. The matrix coating maintains air permeability. The result is superior breath ability and moisture management in a fabric system which helps control the body!|s microclimate between the skin and the fabric.

Outlast Adaptive ComfortR Technology continuously reacts with your body!|s temperature to keep the body more comfortable. Excess heat generated by the body is absorbed into the Outlast, reducing overheating and sweating. This stored heat is released back to the body as needed to reduce chill. By adapting to the body!|s needs Outlast technology creates a Comfort Zone next to the body.

Outlast works with the body to regulate temperature and humidity better than fabrics or insulation alone. The result is a microclimate that is optimized for individual comfort. Outlast products interact with the microclimate surrounding your body and the external environment to buffer temperature swings. Unlike fabric insulation that traps heat, Outlast products absorb, store, and release heat as your body needs it.


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